Nial Open Source Project

The Open Source Project is a new initiative led by Mike Jenkins to make the Nial technology available to a wider audience. The project web site provides access to both executable and source versions of the interpreter.

The site will also serve as a place to share examples written in Nial, documentation about Nial and Q'Nial and papers about Nial and Array Theory subjects.

The programs and documents available from the site are available under the terms of the Artistic Licence developed by the Perl community.

Mike is encouraging people with an interest in keeping Q'Nial available into the future to participate in the Project. He is also soliciting documents and papers related to Nial and Array Theory for distribution from the site. Please contact Mike at if you are interested in contributing to the effort.

The project is underway and has just recently announced the availability of the Q'Nial source code for Windows as well as the executable binary versions made available in 2005. Only some of the other proposed resources are currently available.

The main activities of the project are in the following areas:

Executable Versions of Q'Nial

The site provides Version 6.3 of the Nial Tools for Windows as downloadable programs for free use. We binary packages for several versions of UNIX including Sun Solaris (on the SPARC architecture,) LINUX (on the Intel architecture), MAC OS-X and SGI Iris. We encourage interested paticipants to use the source to generate executables for other architectures and contribute them to the site.

Click on Executable downloads to view the available versions.

The Q'Nial Source

The site offers the source code of Q'Nial for people who want to experiment with the language and/or study its implementation. Click on Source downloads to view the available versions and documentation.

Nial Libraries and Applications

The site provides examples of the use of Nial programming in terms of libraries of routines and and some sample applications. Click on Library downloads.

Reference Materials

The site will serve as place to share knowledge about Nial and Array Theory. The Manuals for Version 6.3 of the Nial Tools are available. Researchers working on these topics are encourage to contribute papers and manuscripts to share with the community. Click on documents to view the list of available manuscripts.

Last Modified: Feb 2007